CFA Society Melbourne

Post-Results Candidate Drinks 2014

Shi Ong, Social Events Board Member, CFA Society Melbourne

On a dark cold wintery Thursday in August, more than 70 CFA candidates and the CFA Society Melbourne board members converged at Papa Goose Flinders Lane for a cocktail function to celebrate the CFA exam results announcement.

Tales were exchanged of the sleepless nights and the last minute panic at the exam room with trembling hands over papers. Unwary future candidates were slapped on the back and given knowing nods of the head about the path ahead. Handshakes were handed out like lollies, high fives were given and a few shakas may have been thrown.

In the midst of the merriment a speech was given thanking the event’s sponsors, Hewlett Packard’s calculator business, CalcsPlus. 

The warm amber lights and the cold brews offered embraced us and enticed us not to leave too early. As the event ended at the very sane hour of 8pm, many were still carousing at the dark oak bar counter. It had been a fine night indeed.