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Lunchtime Presentation | Crossroads of Civilisations

All nations rely on foundation myths and heroic legends to shape their identity. Part of the foundation mythology shared by Western nations is the ideal of Classical Greece, the well-spring from which Western Civilisation drew its traditions of science, democracy, law, toleration and philosophical inquiry. This idea is being given fresh life in these times of conflict and uncertainty. Unfortunately, this myth (and others like it) doesn’t just foster separateness and war, it is also largely false.

Taking the story of the origins of Western philosophy as an example, this talk explores the ways in which change and innovation really happen. The emergence of philosophy, advances in mathematical theory and scientific method, the creation of written literature, and many other cultural and intellectual achievements of the Greeks turn out to depend less on the original genius of a European people than on commerce, travel and engagement with Asia and Africa.

The story of philosophy turns out to be the story of progress in human affairs, one that relies on diversity and exchange promoted by commerce, rather than conflict, conquest or splendid isolation. The discussion provides an opportunity to talk about our world today through the lens of history, and to critically examine the power of myth in shaping our vision for the future.

When: Thursday 2 April, 2015

Time: 12.30 – 2pm (a light lunch will be provided)

Where: BlackRock, Level 26, 101 Collins St, Melbourne

RSVP: Tuesday 31 March, 2015

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Dr Steven Curry

Dr Steven Curry

Steve Curry is a philosopher who for many years worked as an academic and research fellow in various Australian universities, focusing on the emerging field of professional and organisational ethics. In recent years he has applied his expertise to practical change within Victoria Police and the Australian Red Cross.